I’ve always wanted to be a writer and in my mind I became one in 2012 with the publication of an e-book entitled Calendar Girl by Vallory Vance. ┬áThis led to several other publications over the next few years and then reality set-in.

This was work and it was hard and it wasn’t always nice. In fact sometimes, it was cruel.

So I stopped writing anything except grocery lists.

Why should 2017 be any different for me?

Enter Amaris Holt.

She was created in mid-2016 as my do-over. In this age, I can actually start again…New name, a few more years of writing classes and I’m ready to publish again!

There’s also some other things that I have to do this year. For instance, I’m going to:

  1. Turn back the hands of time and get that 30 year old body that I didn’t think was so hot until I turned 45
  2. Help my daughters get into college with as much scholarship money as possible
  3. Buy a house
  4. Go completely natural
  5. Write those novels

I’ll let you know how things went in 2018.